Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who said camping?

Anyone who has camped with me (and it's not many as I don't camp) will know not to invite me again. You see those rain clouds behind that car in the photo below? Yep, those rain clouds were following me from Joburg all the way to where we set up camp. It wouldn't matter if we camped in the middle of November in Cape Town, if I were there, it would rain. I think I'm jinxed when it comes to camping. I like my comforts - hairdryer, make up, clean, *dry* bedding...not too much to ask?! In an effort to make myself invincible (because I knew it would rain) I bought myself some gumboots, and they were the coolest, girliest things to wear while camping in the rain. My feet stayed clean and dry the whole trip. Those muddy puddles? Pfff - I splashed through them. The puff adder? Ha - He wouldn't have been able to bite through them! Ok, so my feet were taken care of. The rest of the comforts went out the window (of the tent). Dirk, however, made every effort to make sure I was happy and comfy, packing almost every item of the house we could. So much stuff that we had to tie our matresses to the roof of the car (which nearly blew off!) But he definitely took care of me! :) When it wasn't raining we had awesome chats, afternoon naps, curry poitjie, toasted sarmies on the braai, great fry-up breakfasts, spectacular views, and saw giraffe (my favourite!), wildebeest, lots of impala, lots of monkeys and fabulous sunsets! :)

My favourite little bug! Look at him run! :)

My gumboots! :)


  1. Cool photo's. love the shot of the dung beetle, he was moving it! When you do come to Cape Town,we should venture around town taking pics, even if you bring the rain with you.

  2. Looking great Lana, you know what Lance says??from the other Dirk

  3. Hey Lan's, I love your blog and especially the classical finish on your images, it's so stunning! you really look like you're having a blast - hope you and Dirk are well! g