Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Website, New blog

This marks the end of an 'era' of using Blogger to hold my thoughts, photos and updates. It's official, I'm switching over to at 12 GMT +2 on 20th May 2011. It will hold my website and my blog in one place.
If you're a follower of my blog, never fear as I'm not going away, I'm just moving sites and will be updating at

Please head on over there to check out my latest posts, a fresh layout, a new coat of paint and all my recent photos & thoughts. Oh and totally exciting news; there's a launch competition happening - so get there between 20th May and 3rd June 2011 to enter and stand a chance to win some mula!

See you over there in a jiffy.
Cherrio Blogger... See you soon then :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kath's pretty tea party

All I can say is wow! When I saw this awesome set up at Kath's kitchen tea, I went wild with taking photographs. The colours were SO pretty together and all matched so perfectly with a touch of classic moderness. Well done to Kath's mum and bridesmaids. I believe they created this.
It was an awesome party, full of questions about the groom-to-be and of course lots of laughter!

I can't wait to see their wedding photos as Kath will make a gorgeous bride. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How my life has changed

The introduction of a puppy into ones life should not be taken lightly. As I sit typing, the puppy is finally asleep after playing all day & pooping everywhere & generally keeping me away from my work! It's like having a walking toddler, with no nappy & no 9 months in the tummy to prepare. Don't get me wrong, Cassie is gorgeous and I love this little thing to bits, but sleep deprivation seems to have already set in...

For those of you that follow me on Twitter you may remember me tweeting about my surprise birthday presie last Friday. Dirk kept me guessing where we were going for my birthday and once we got there & I saw the Wet nose sign, tears streamed down my face that he was going to be giving me a puppy. He had been planning it and had seen the little pup advertised on Wet nose' website. He reserved her and when we got to seeing her, I fell in love with this bounding, energetic, fiesty little character. Big floppy ears, tiny body & so excited to see anyone and everyone.

Raising a puppy (in the hopes of having a well behaved dog) is not for sissies. "Come do a wee" is probably the most used phrase that I've used ever! Play time consists of Cassie chewing my toes, biting my ankles, gnawing on my fingers but giving me lots of kisses making me fall in love with her all over again.

I love Dirk so much for being such an amazing husband & taking this big step in our lives together - he will make such a great puppy Daddy.

Go and check out Wet nose website. While we were there we looked at other doggies & kittys that need homes. They are so well looked after at Wet Nose, and all they want is a loving new home.

Look how happy he looks :)

Found her new bed very quickly

First night in her new home...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Johannesburg Cityscape Wedding

Michelle and Don's wedding was the day after the Royal Wedding, so there was a buzz of Royalty in the air. Michelle looked gorgeous in her dress and Don was so excited to marry his bride. All he wanted to do was marry her already! :)
Jeanette Verster was the main photographer that I was shooting with. You should head on over to see her photos!

My favourite shots of the day have got to be the ones of the couple on the bridge. It was so 'festive' as taxi, cars and buses all hooted as they drove past to show their appreciation of the newly married couple. The Joburg city is truly stunning at night, add a bride and groom and it's just awesome!! :) Jeanette and I were so excited with the shots we were getting, we could've carried on taking photos there for ages.