Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Johannesburg Cityscape Wedding

Michelle and Don's wedding was the day after the Royal Wedding, so there was a buzz of Royalty in the air. Michelle looked gorgeous in her dress and Don was so excited to marry his bride. All he wanted to do was marry her already! :)
Jeanette Verster was the main photographer that I was shooting with. You should head on over to see her photos!

My favourite shots of the day have got to be the ones of the couple on the bridge. It was so 'festive' as taxi, cars and buses all hooted as they drove past to show their appreciation of the newly married couple. The Joburg city is truly stunning at night, add a bride and groom and it's just awesome!! :) Jeanette and I were so excited with the shots we were getting, we could've carried on taking photos there for ages.


  1. i like your shot of the violin :) you are really talented :) wow

  2. Sjoe,the bridge is such an awesome idea :) lucky you to shoot with such an fabulous lady :) beautiful you guys!

  3. Lan.....what a stunning backdrop to work with. These are amazing! I'm even more excited now! You continue to push boundaries with every shoot! I love it!

  4. Awesome images!! Thanks so much for joining me :)